EnergreenUSA Company focus: Energreens role in the field of energy saving products is to provide marketing sales service based on an independent contractor arrangement. All companies have a cost of sales and the intent of EnergreenUSA is to allow quality sales/marketing representation as needed at an affordable price. Presently companies can hire higher priced professional employees that may carry higher overhead cost including benefits and cost of employee expenses, or hire less qualified employees and possibly compensate less, offer less benefits and have a less qualified sales representation. Our goal is to.....

  • Provide marketing/sale of various energy saving products and services, utilizing 20+ years of marketing/sales/business ownership experience.
  • Help the customer find proper solutions, with proper representation, follow-up, knowledge and support.
  • Utilize web for marketing, content distribution, and to generate traffic of like minded people.
  • Always seek resellers and companies providing or looking to partner in the effort of promoting energy saving products and services.

  EnergreenUSA markets and represents many energy saving products and services. The functionality and technology within these products are proven and reliable. In addition, we offer information to educate the public about the benefits of alternative eco-friendly energy solutions

  Conservation and energy efficiency is most always the best first practice to consider to reduce your energy bill. This philosophy will in turn usually reduce the cost of additional energy saving devices such as solar thermal and solar electric (PV). A watt of power you don't need is a watt of power that you don't need to produce.

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