About US

EnergreenUSA is a Division of Usnsouth LLC a Florida Company.

Principal Educational Experiences include:

  • BS in Business with major in Energy Management
  • Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Sales Agent
  • Eco-broker Real Estate Certified Designation

Principal Work Experiences in the fields of:

  • Water Quality, Regulation,Testing, Quality control
  • Computerized Energy Management Systems Representation
  • Air Balancing Technician

EnergreenUSA markets and represents many energy saving products and services. The functionality and technology within these products are proven and reliable. In addition, we offer information to educate the public about the benefits of alternative eco-friendly energy solutions. Conservation and energy efficiency is most always the best first practice to consider to reduce your energy bill. This philosophy will in turn usually reduce the cost of additional energy saving devices such as solar thermal and solar electric (PV). A watt of power you don't need is a watt of power that you don't need to produce.